Circusfreaks is a Pet shell on the Fenrir server for FFXI all are welcome we do mission, quests, NM, BCNM, KSNM etc.
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 Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines   Sat Oct 18, 2008 12:04 pm

General Guidelines:

I would like to welcome you to Circus Freaks and thank you for taking an interest in our shell. We are a pet, event linkshell and welcome all pet jobs of any lvl from beginners to advanced. The first and most important thing is we will not tolerate drama of any kind in LS.

As the LS is comprised of people from all over the world please be mindful of others and their culture thank you. Things to not be discussed in LS religion, politics and sexual preference as all these have a habit to lead to arguments and fighting.

Cursing in LS is not allowed as well. You never know who may be reading the screen on the other side so keep the chat clean.

We all like to joke from time to time and have fun we just ask you keep it clean. If problems do arise with other members in the LS take it up with a sackie and do not continue arguments in the LS violation of these guidelines could lead to temp. removal from LS or banned altogether. If you have any questions please feel free to PM sackies or /tell in game.

Linkshell Events:

Attendance is not required for linkshell events but is strongly encouraged.

Drops from LS events will be sold and split with all participants.

R/E drops will be free lots to all jobs that can use them.

Members are encouraged to organize and run events on there own.

LS Owner: Metabol

LS Sackholder: Bricent, Bossman, Tater, Dazzled, Humnbyrd

Please be aware this post will be updated and amended as need be so check back often.
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Rules and Guidelines
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